An appeal is time consuming and complicated. Attorney Amy Connolly will simplify the process for you by devoting her writing, researching and oral advocacy skills to your case.

NH Appeal Attorney Connolly has a wide range of knowledge in across a spectrum of legal cases, including but not limited to criminal, civil and family law matters.

Attorney Connolly interned in the Appellate Bureau for the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office. She has authored and co-authored several winning briefs presented before the New Hampshire Supreme Court. She has successfully argued cases countless times before judges and juries.

In law school, she was nationally recognized for her brief writing and oral advocacy skills. She was a senior editor on the Law Review and also trained law students in appellate writing and oral arguments.

In an appeal, deadlines and New Hampshire Supreme Court Rules need to be followed. If you are late in preserving your appeal or do not follow Court Rules, it can mean the end of your case.

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