New Hampshire Criminal Mischief Lawyer

You've been arrested for disorderly conduct, vandalism and similar misdemeanors, obstructing justice, or another criminal mischief crime. What do you do next? While these lesser crimes are not as well-known as a homicide or DUI charge in Exeter, or Manchester, New Hampshire, they can result in serious penalties and even a felony on your record if you do not have the right legal assistance.

Ryan Russman, a criminal defense attorney located in Exeter, New Hampshire, may help you.

What is a criminal mischief charge? In New Hampshire, the official title for this category of crimes is called “Obstructing Governmental Operations.” It may sound confusing, but the following charges are all considered criminal mischief crimes.

  • Obstructing Crime Report – Threatening or using physical violence to prevent legal authorities from conducting legal business.
  • Resisting Arrest – Physically interfering with an arrest by a legal authority, including police and parole officers.
  • Aiding in Criminal Activity – Assisting in, or otherwise benefiting from a crime, or criminal activity done by others.
  • Hindering Apprehension – Harboring, concealing, or otherwise hiding a person or persons from legal prosecution or punishment.
  • Institutional Escape – Breaking unlawfully from a penal institution.

The minimum convictions for these charges include a misdemeanor sentence with penalties of fines or jail time. Serious offenses can include a felony conviction. If you are unsure what category your allegation falls under, contact criminal defense lawyer Ryan Russman for answers to our questions.

Criminal Mischief Can Lead to Serious Charges

Don't wait to find out what a criminal mischief charge will do to your record. The consequences for a minor crime are not worth the price you will have to pay.

Criminal law attorney, Ryan Russman has worked with hundreds of clients in Portsmouth, Exeter, and Manchester, New Hampshire; he has been able to reduce charges to the minimum sentence possible. He thoroughly researches all of his cases so no stone goes unturned. He litigates aggressively to make sure that all evidence is fully disclosed to the court and jury. No criminal mischief case is too complex or difficult for him to handle. Learn how he can turn your life around.

Charged with Vandalism or Other Similar Misdemeanor in Manchester, NH? Call Russman Law Now

Specific terminology, law classifications, or Class A or B misdemeanor can be confusing and hard to understand. Don't go into the court room defenseless. The prosecuting attorney will try hard to get the maximum sentence possible. You need someone who understands both federal and state law, and knows what to expect from the prosecutor. Talk to Ryan Russman about your disorderly conduct, vandalism, and similar misdemeanor charges today. He has the experience and the skills to fight for a favorable outcome. With offices in located in Portsmouth and Exeter, New Hampshire, close to Manchester NH, he makes it easy to set up a free consultation.