New Hampshire Sexual Assault Lawyer

In the state of New Hampshire, a sex crime conviction can result in serious, long-term punishment. According to the state of New Hampshire sexual assault is defined as, “The penetration, no matter how slight, in which physical force or coercion is used or in which the victim is physically or mentally incapacitated.” The following charges are all considered sex crimes.

  • Rape – A charge define as the use of a threat or physical violence to force another person into sexual intercourse.
  • Sexual Assault – A charge which can include rape, involving any sexual act committed without consent.
  • Sexual Harassment – A charge resulting from unwanted verbal or physical behavior involving sexual overtones, usually by an person of authority to a subordinate person (as in the workplace or classroom).
  • Criminal Sexual Contact – A charge involving intentional physical touch either directly or through clothing near or around a victim's intimate areas. This can also be defined as a “lewd act.”

When charged with a sex crime in Exeter, NH or other surrounding areas, it is crucial to contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney immediately. Russman Law understands the delicate nature of a rape case or other sexual assault crime. All consultations are private and confidential, allowing you to get the information you need and have a strong criminal law defense in New Hampshire.

Exeter, New Hampshire Rape Defense Attorney

Attorneys Ryan Russman and Alex Yiokarinis represent those who are often misunderstood. If you have been charged with sexual assault, rape, or domestic abuse, they can aggressively defend you. When a sex crime charge turns into a conviction, you could be facing punishments that result in a prison sentence, fines, and a complete change in your daily life. You may be placed on a national sex crime registry, making your options for finding housing, a job, or other basic rights extremely difficult.

Let rape defense attorneys Ryan Russman and Alex Yiokarinis work with you in an effort to drop or reduce your sex crime sentence. If you have been wrongly convicted of sexual assault, the shame that charge can bring will change how your friends and family treat you forever.

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A rape case or sexual aggravated assault charge can result in a long, drawn-out process in which a prosecutor will try to besmirch your name. Don't wait for a jury to convict you without all the evidence. Sexual assault lawyers Ryan Russman and Alex Yiokarinis will fight aggressively to achieve a positive outcome for you under federal and New Hampshire law. Contact Russman Law now to learn how you may reduce your charges. Offices in Manchester and Exeter, NH, make it easy to schedule a meeting.