New Hampshire DWI Books by Attorney Ryan Russman

For the Citizens of New Hampshire…

The DWI Book – only $9.95

A Definitive Guide to Protecting Your Rights

In the Face of NH's Tough DWI/DUI Laws

  • A comprehensive, approximately 136-page manual for making you and your loved ones aware of DWI consequences and how to protect one's rights in the event of a DWI arrest
  • Invaluable guidance in selecting and working with an attorney to mount an effective defense

The total costs of a DWI can exceed $10,000.

Why trust your case to chance?

The DWI Book Highlights

  • New Hampshire DWI Law and You
  • How to Avoid Arrest
  • Remaining Silent
  • When Should You Refuse Testing?
  • Can Your Refusal Be Used As Evidence?
  • Talking to the Officer
  • Avoiding Arrest
  • Obtaining Your Own Independent Testing
  • Your Behavior During the Arrest Process
  • Finding the Right Attorney
  • Obtaining a License from Another State
  • Protection Against Self-Incrimination
  • Evidence That Helps Your Case
  • Right to Independent Testing
  • Preparing for Trial
  • Right to Appeal

How to Purchase The DWI Book

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for Attorneys…

New Hampshire DWI Defense

by NH DWI Attorney Ryan Russman

A 272-page manual that instructs attorneys on how to manage
New Hampshire DWI cases.

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