Jerome Blanchard

Attorney Blanchard is an experienced felony trial attorney.  A former police officer, and felony prosecutor, Attorney Blanchard has over 20 years of experience in criminal law in New Hampshire.  He has handled thousands of felony criminal cases, and has won over 100 jury trials.  He has the knowledge of how the State builds its case, and the experience to dismantle it to your benefit.

Attorney Blanchard handles all felonies, but primarily focuses his practice on felonies, including Sexual Assaults, Homicides, Drug cases, Felony Motor Vehicle offenses, White Collar and Computer crimes, Child Sexual Abuse/Pornography cases, and Juvenile prosecutions.  Additionally, he represents witnesses and targets of Grand Jury Investigations, as well as post-conviction appeals to the Supreme Court, Motions for New Trials, and Habeas Corpus proceedings.

Widely regarded by his peers as one of the best criminal trial attorneys in the State, Attorney Blanchard has the relationships and drive to help resolve your case with the best possible outcome.  He will handle your case professionally, and with maximum effort, and will work closely with you throughout the pendency of your case.  Attorney Blanchard knows that it is very stressful to be charged with a crime, let him stand by your side and help you through it.

Attorney Blanchard was born and raised in Manchester, and he and his wife, Jackie,  have six children and live in the Concord area.

Seminars and Trainings

  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers: Zealous Advocacy in Sexual Assault & Child Victim Cases
  • State of New Hampshire Governor's Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence Statewide Conference on Domestic and Sexual Violence and Stalking
  • NH Multidisciplinary Team Academy sponsored by Northeast Regional CAC and NH Network of CACs
  • Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System sponsored by National Alliance on Mental Illness of New Hampshire
  • Experts Course sponsored by the National College of District Attorneys: San Antonio, TX
  • True Identity: DNA sponsored by APRI and Bureau of Justice Assistance: San Francisco, CA
  • 20th Annual International Conference on Child Sexual Assault and Abuse sponsored by the Chadwick Center for Children and Families: San Diego, CA
  • National Prosecution Ethics Symposium sponsored by the National College of District Attorneys
  • Protecting Children Online for Prosecutors sponsored by the USDOJ: Alexandria, VA


  • Exceptional Attorney!

    Attorney Blanchard assisted us with legal issues on two occasions. I cannot recommend him highly enough! He is extremely knowledgeable, ethical, and professional. He was able to help us resolve both issues for us prior to court. We are very grateful for his assistance. It is reassuring to know th...
  • Outstanding

    We were so satisfied with the results Jerome got for our case. It was a pleasure dealing with him. He returned all of our calls promptly and provided sound advice and reassurance throughout the process. I would not hesitate one moment to hire him again or refer anyone to him. Several peole in cou...
  • Best Decision We Ever Made Was Hiring Jerome Blanchard

    My cousin was facing an incredibly serious charge. Our family was stressed out beyond belief. We consulted with two other defense attorneys and they said to take the deal but it was wrong. Jerome fought every step of the way and got the best out come ever. Forever grateful to this talented lawyer...
  • Excellent Attorney

    Jerome helped me in my case, both emotionally and legally. He did everything in his ability to get me a great deal with the prosecutor. He has many acquaintances in the legal field that are well established relationships which helped me in my case. He helped keep me level headed when my life seem...
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable, Reputable and Trustworthy

    My son, who had never been in ANY trouble, not even so much as a speeding ticket, was all of a sudden facing almost a dozen felony and misdemeanor charges as well as possible jail time.. all because he got involved with the wrong woman. Point blank, things just didn't look good for him. Not only ...
  • Would Choose Him Again and Again!

    Jerome is an amazing attorney not only because he does an effective job, but because he genuinely cares. I would recommend him to anyone seeking the best outcome for themselves. He has represented me on more than one occasion and I was very well taken care of.
  • Jerome Blanchard has Transformed Himself from an Outstanding Prosecutor to an Outstanding Defense Attorney

    I am a criminal defense attorney with a good deal of experience obtaining excellent results for my clients. When it was my own daughter facing charges however, I needed an experienced attorney to step in to my normal role. Jerome did a great job working with prosecutors and treatment providers to...
  • Exceptional Attorney!!

    Jerome helped me with 3 cases, including 1 criminal case!! He fights for your rights all the way and leaves nothing on the table!! He's very professional and has great knowledge and experience of the justice system!! I highly recommend him and his services!!
  • Bad Case Gone Great

    Attorney Blanchard was hired for me by my parents. Mr. Blanchard has my upmost respect for the way he handled this case. I was always kept in the loop of how the case was progressing, all my questions were answered in a timely manor. I was found not guilty on all felony charges. I highly recommen...
  • He Kept Me Out of Jail!

    I was looking at a 1 year jail sentence for my driving without a valid license as a habitual offender (felony). Jerome did everything he could do and then some! I received 2 years of good behavior and a minor misdemeanor charge! After it was said and done I needed help in getting my license back ...
  • Attorney Blanchard/Russman Law

    I was charged with 3 serious felonies. Looked into quite a variety of attorneys and through meetings and reviews decided to hire Attorney Blanchard. Attorney Blanchard worked with me throughout the long, dreadful process and ended up getting me off with just one misdemeanor. Very straight forward...
  • Exceptional Attorney!

    I hired Attorney Blanchard after being charged with a felony. From our initial meeting I was impressed with his knowledge and expertise of criminal law. I knew right away that we had made the right decision. Attorney Blanchard always kept me up to date on how my case was proceeding. He answered a...
  • Great Lawyer

    Jerome is a great defender. I was charged with a misdemeanor A, and I walked away with no charges or red lettering on my criminal record. I'm a single mom of 4 kids and illiterate when it comes to legal lingo! I was scared and so clueless but attorney Blanchard helped me understand the process by...
  • Excellent Work

    Attorney Blanchard was fantastic in the process of a frustrating, confusing, and essentially misunderstood case. He was able to get all charges against me dropped and my arrest records annulled.
  • Great Job

    Attorney Blanchard took our case, had all the charges dropped, just what we wanted.
  • Unsuspecting Landlord...

    Over the past year, we naively became the target of a savvy career criminal. Jerome and Robin worked diligently to clarify our confusion, frustration, and fear. We came to rely on them for direction and reassurance since we were completely ignorant and inexperienced in the realm of criminal inten...
  • True Defender

    Attorney Blanchard made me feel like an extremely valued person as a client. He explained each and every step of the legal process clearly and precisely. He sincerely wanted to “Defend the case truly” and “ fight for the true” which made a terrible ordeal bearable. I felt comfortable with his exp...
  • Very Grateful

    I am eternally grateful that Attorney Blanchard took my case. His calm and confident demeanor was a great assurance for me throughout my terrifying ordeal. His experience in law enforcement and prosecution was invaluable in allowing him to analyze my case and effectively defend me. He explained e...
  • Thank You Jerome

    Jerome was calm, attentive, efficient, caring and effective. He is very smart and keeps in close touch with his clients. I was very lucky to have had him on my side. There's so much to know!
  • Saved Me from my Living Nightmare

    I hired Jerome at the 11th hour and he was able to help me obtain a seemingly impossible outcome for my felony level case. I had over a dozen charges and had been indicted by a Grand Jury. My only regret was that i wish that i had hired Jerome from the start of my case. Once i had hired him he wa...
  • Great Attorney!

    There were some false claims made and I was potentially facing some very serious charges. So I started researching lawyers online. After some research and speaking with several different attorneys I hired Jerome. I am very happy I made that choice. He happened to personally know both the detectiv...
  • We Were Very Fortunate

    We were very fortunate to have hired Attorney Blanchard. His professionalism and knowledge of law was comforting.The outcome better than expected. Would highly recommend his service to any one in need of legal assistance.