Reckless Driving in New Hampshire

New Hampshire reckless driving laws are designed to punish severely. If you feel like you have been wrongly charged with reckless driving, it is in your best interest to hire legal representation right away.

Even the smallest of offenses can lead to serious ramifications.

A first offense conviction could lead to a minimum $500 fine along with a 60-day license suspension. Additional penalties may apply.

NH Reckless Driving Laws

A reckless driving charge is a gray area; often the authorities who charge an individual have to back up their reasoning through a testimonial in court. NH Reckless Driving Laws seem clear on the matter, but on closer inspection, they can prove just as disorienting. Examine one reckless driving law regarding the definition and the minimum penalties:

NH 265:79 Reckless Driving; Minimum Penalty. – Whoever upon any way drives a vehicle recklessly, or causes a vehicle to be driven recklessly, as defined in RSA 626:2, II(c), or so that the lives or safety of the public shall be endangered, or upon a bet, wager, or race, or who drives a vehicle for the purpose of making a record, and thereby violates any of the provisions of this title or any rules adopted by the director, shall be, notwithstanding the provisions of title LXII, guilty of a violation and fined not less than $500 for the first offense and $750 for the second offense nor more than $1,000 and his or her license shall be revoked for a period of 60 days for the first offense and from 60 days to one year for the second offense.

What does this mean? Essentially, to the driver that is charged, there stands a good chance of conviction without the right legal representation. When an officer explains the details of the charge to the judge or court, your case is being built against you. Without anyone to defend your side of the story, you could quickly become guilty of reckless driving. If your conviction turns into a felony, your freedoms and rights diminish rapidly.

The Penalties of a Reckless Driving Conviction

Other than a fine and a license suspension, you could be facing numerous other punishments. Court fees, mandatory counseling, rehabilitation classes, jail time, and other related penalties are just a few of the many punishments. Before you walk into the court room, hire criminal defense attorney Ryan Russman. He will fight to reduce or even get the reckless driving charges dropped forever.

Other Types of Reckless Driving Offenses in New Hampshire

Reckless driving charges can include more than a vehicle collision or driving at unsafe speeds. Those who are driving on a suspended license could also receive a reckless driving charge. Habitual offenders charged with reckless driving may be punished with a lengthy stay in prison, permanent loss of driving privileges, and more. 

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