Unsuspecting Landlord...

Over the past year, we naively became the target of a savvy career criminal. Jerome and Robin worked diligently to clarify our confusion, frustration, and fear. We came to rely on them for direction and reassurance since we were completely ignorant and inexperienced in the realm of criminal intent and law. They were very responsive to us even though we were forced to call upon them repeatedly for advice and reassurance due to the unrelenting negative aspects of our case. At every turn, they calmly and proficiently distilled each and every situation to the facts as New Hampshire State law would apply along with recommendations for appropriate steps for us to take. With Jerome and Robin's competent attention to detail, we prevailed through our court appearances and ultimately achieved annulment of charges. Jerome and Robin have our sincere gratitude for helping us emerge and survive the nightmare we had to endure.

– Rick