Case Results

The Savior Jerome!

Jerome knows exactly what he is doing! He was very calm, cool and collective throughout the whole process. I would recommend Jerome to absolutely anyone! He is very good at staying on top on everything and has very strong communication skills. Jerome was able to answer every question I had that popped up and was able to explain whatever I did not understand. Jerome is a very nonjudgmental and someone who makes talking about things very comfortable. He clearly has had very much experience and it truly shows! I am so thankful that Jerome was my lawyer because I could not have asked for anyone better!

Jerome Blanchard

Attorney Blanchard is an experienced felony trial attorney.  A former police officer, and felony prosecutor, Attorney Blanchard has over 20 years of experience in criminal law in New Hampshire.  He has handled thousands of felony criminal cases, and has successfully tried hundreds of jury trials.  He has the knowledge of how the State builds its case, and the experience to dismantle it to your benefit.