NH DWI Consequences For Airline Pilots


Airline pilots are held to a higher standard in many ways, and when facing a conviction for DWI, they need to consider collateral consequences unique to their profession. New Hampshire DWI defense lawyer Ryan Russman has defended airline pilots charged with DWI, and is well qualified to tell you about these consequences. In this video, he informs you that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may require you to have a medical review, and/or a toxicology screening, or other medical screening, as a condition of continued employment. Criminal attorney Russman understands the importance of your professional airplane pilot license and will aggressively fight to defend you against the DUI charge.

New Hampshire defense lawyer Ryan Russman is a specialist in DWI defense and can help your case. He has been lead counsel on many cases involving drunk-driving charges, and can give you the benefit of his experience. He has years of familiarity with the New Hampshire DWI laws and processes, the prosecuting attorneys, the judges, and with juries. He has special knowledge of the complex medical tests for DWI, for blood, breath, or urine. Most importantly, he knows how to mount an effective challenge to admission of evidence based on faults with the test process, equipment or quality.