New Hampshire Bus Accident Lawyer

New Hampshire Bus Injuries

Everyday buses transport thousands of people in New Hampshire.  Buses are a great way to transport many people at once. Unfortunately, when a bus accident occurs, it also means that many people can get injured. According to the US Department of Transportation, in 2008, 11,000 buses were involved in accidents and about 24,000 people were injured. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration considers a bus to be a motor vehicle that is designed to seat at least 10 passengers not including the driver. In 2008, there were 843,308 buses registered in the US.

When a person is injured in a bus accident in New Hampshire they may be eligible for compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and more.  A person that is injured in an accident involving any type of bus can request compensation just as a person injured in a truck or automobile accident. It doesn't matter what type of bus the accident takes place in. Some common bus accidents involve the following:

  • Public transportation buses
  • School buses
  • Commercial or chartered buses such as Greyhound buses
  • Tour buses
  • Prison buses
  • Church or airport shuttle buses

New Hampshire Bus Accident Information

Because of bus's size and mass, bus accidents can be very serious. Like large trucks, buses are much bigger and have more power than a smaller motorcycle or motor vehicle. They also often carry many passengers. This means that even a small accident involving a bus can lead to dozens of injuries. Even if passengers are riding on the bus voluntarily, if the driver exhibits negligence and injury occurs, the passengers can be entitled to compensation.

There are several ways that a serious bus accident can lead to injury. The first is the driver makes an error that leads to an accident causing injury to bus passengers. This can also occur if another vehicle makes an error and hits a bus. People can be compensated for injuries received by a bus as well. For example, a pedestrian that is walking or waiting at the side of the road to get on the bus could be injured by the bus or even by another vehicle or a driver of another vehicle could be injured when hit by a bus.

There are no strict rules over how an accident has to occur. If a driver exhibits  negligence that directly leads to an accident and serious injury, the driver or the company that owns the bus maybe held liable for the medical expenses of the injured parties.

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If you have been hurt or a family member has been hurt or killed in a bus related accident, contact our office right away. Personal injury attorney Ryan Russman can help you fight for compensation for your medical bills, lost wages from missed work, wrongful death, and pain and suffering. Attorney Russman will handle all the paperwork and help you get your medical bills and records in order. He will make the process easy so you can focus on getting better. Call now to get started.