Fraud and Embezzlement Lawyer in New Hampshire

Check fraud, corporate kiting, or embezzlement; taking money from your place of work can involve serious consequences. Even borrowing a few dollars from a cash register could mean years spent in jail, a permanent criminal record, and possible fines. While embezzlement might give you a feeling of satisfaction and some extra money in your pocket, in the long run, a conviction could ruin your life.

Embezzlement is an act where an individual who acts in a position of trust (such as an employee) steals money from another individual or company. As an intentional type of fraud, embezzlement can involve schemes or systems in which an individual takes specified portions of money over the course of a certain time period. Embezzlement cases can include:

  • Skimming or under reporting money to a company and pocketing the difference.
  • Creating fake or phantom employees and creating payroll accounts for them.
  • Ponzi schemes involving fraudulent investments where no actual profit is retain from an organization, but rather through new “investors.”
  • Corporate kiting where an individual or company writes checks for a balance greater than presently owned, and then deposits the check at another banking institution before the first check clears.

When caught embezzling funds, New Hampshire laws are severe. Embezzling funds or other property for your personal gain in Manchester, NH or other New Hampshire cities could actually result in a severe loss of freedom, money, and other rights.

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer in Manchester, New Hampshire

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