New Hampshire Identity Theft Charges

What happens when you have been accused of a white collar crime? Unlike what is portrayed in the movies, an identity theft charge can mar your record forever. Committing identity theft or credit card fraud is not cool no matter what movie stars portray, and may result in long-term punishment.

What if you have been wrongly convicted of an identity theft charge in Exeter, Manchester or other parts of New Hampshire? Law enforcement officials may be quick to accuse you of a white collar crime, even if little evidence is present. It is up to your criminal defense attorney to make sure all facts are presented during your trial. Otherwise, if you are convicted, you could face a minimum of 7 to 15 years for a Class A felony.

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Beyond identity theft, a number of other fraud offenses could lead to severe consequences. Among them are:

  • Credit card fraud – This type of fraud involves stealing or using a credit card and making unauthorized transactions against another party. Currently, they make up 17% of identity theft cases.
  • Bad check fraud – As the term sounds, this charge is given when an individual has been accused of writing “bad” checks (checks against accounts with a lack of sufficient funds). Also termed as NSF check fraud.
  • Forgery – Faked or forged signatures on a check, deed, mortgage, public record, and other legal and official documents are considered charges of forgery.
  • Racketeering – A charge that includes organized crime such as extortion, protection racketeering, or numbers racketeering. New Hampshire follows the federal RICO Act in persecuting individuals involved in organized crime.
  • Tax fraud – Also known as tax evasion, this charge is given by federal or state tax officials who find individuals who are avoiding tax payments.
  • Insurance fraud – Any act that has been committed against an insurance company to illegally gain money or assets against the terms outlined in an insurance policy. Insurance fraud can cover any type of policy and if convicted, can result in severe fines and a possible prison sentence.

Are you willing to put your life and your record on the line for a conviction that may cost you significant amounts in fines, jail time, or more? It is in your best interest to contact Exeter's finest legal firm, Russman Law, to find out about your options.

Criminal defense attorney, Ryan Russman may be able to reduce your felony charge into a misdemeanor, or change a major punishment into a smaller sentence. A number of his clients have testified in getting their fraud charges reduced or even dismissed.

New Hampshire Defense Attorney Handles Credit Card Fraud Cases

The severity of fraud punishment is dependent upon the type of fraudulent activities and the amount of individuals involved. If you are facing a second fraud charge, you could be looking at an increase of fines or jail time. You need a New Hampshire lawyer who is well versed in federal and state criminal law. Attorney Ryan Russman will defend you by providing accurate research and aggressive litigation in court. Contact him for a free consultation at his Exeter, New Hampshire location, to discuss your fraud case today.