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  • Above and Beyond

    One never expects to suddenly need a lawyer. When we did, we didn't know where to turn. We researched prayed and came across Jerome and thank God we did. He was with us through the entire process, answered questions and allayed our anxiety. That was key, putting things in perspective and providin... Read On

  • DWI Field Sobriety Tests – Inadmissible in Court

    Attorney Ryan Russman worked on a case involving an NH DWI charge. The Manchester defendant was pulled over after the officer noticed he was speeding. The officer asked the man to step out of the car because he suspected alcohol intoxication. The defendant performed the field sobriety tests margi... Read On

  • Discredited Evidence from the Drug Recognition

    State Troopers pulled up behind a Merrimac man in an effort to do a “welfare check” with the defendant taking a nap in his vehicle. Thinking the defendant might be under the influence, the State Troopers brought the man to a drug recognition expert at a local hospital to test the defendant for dr... Read On

  • Medical Condition Causes Faulty Test Results in DWI Arrest

    A police officer noticed a defendant crossed a double yellow line and pulled him over for a line violation. The officer asked the man to step out of the vehicle. The man complied, but he told the officer that he had consumed alcohol prior to driving. The officer did not notice any obvious signs o... Read On

  • NH DWI Law Was Not Properly Followed

    A man was arrested for drinking and driving after he was pulled over for faulty equipment lights. One of the four lights illuminating the license plate in his vehicle was out. The officer noticed intoxication, asked the man to step out of his vehicle, and performed the three standard field sobrie... Read On

  • Proved Reasonable Doubt – Intent to Distribute and Traffic Drugs

    An officer charged a young man from Portsmouth with possession of a controlled substance, and intent to traffic, after he noticed a glass pipe and possible other paraphernalia in the backseat of the vehicle. There were two young men in the vehicle, parked in front of a convenience store. Believin... Read On

  • Driver Under 21 Found Not Guilty After NH DWI Charge

    Pete was under the age of 21 when charged with a DWI. For drivers under the age of 21, a DWI conviction could mean an extended period of ALS, or several other types of punishments that follow them throughout their lives. Read On

  • Failure to Apply Ferment Makes Blood Test Result Inadmissible

    Sam was charged with aggravated DWI. His BAC level was recorded as 0.21. Sometimes it is possible to challenge the manner in which evidence is obtained or maintained, by focusing on who performs the test, how it was administered, and how the blood sample is stored. If a blood sample is taken, an anti-coagulant must be applied to the blood sample directly after it is obtained to prevent fermentation. Read On

  • BAC Reading from Intoxilyzer Shown Inaccurate

    Jill was charged with her 3rd offense of aggravated DWI, and, if convicted, would face incredibly severe legal punishment. The state provided evidence that Jill had a BAC level of 0.18 at the time of her arrest, which was over twice the legal limit. Read On

  • Intoxilyzer Evidence Excluded From Trial

    The State claimed that our client, Jim*, who was being charged with an aggravated DWI, also had a 3.0 blood alcohol content (BAC). Read On

  • Client charged with aggravated DWI

    Client charged with aggravated DWI was said to have a 3.0 blood alcohol content. Attorney Russman's knowledge of the Intoxilyzer device used enabled him to have the breath result excluded prior to trial. Result: Not guilty. Read On

  • A client under the age of 21

    A client under the age of 21 was charged with a DWI. Attorney Russman's client testified he refused taking a blood alcohol breath test at the time of arrest because he had reason to distrust the machine and the officer operating it. Result: Not guilty. Read On

  • Aggravated DWI

    Client charged with aggravated DWI; his blood alcohol content breath level was recorded as 0.21. Attorney Russman was able to exclude the breath result prior to trial. Result: Not guilty. Read On

  • 3rd offense of aggravated DWI

    Client was charged with a 3rd offense of aggravated DWI, with a blood alcohol content breath level of 0.18. Attorney Russman was able establish that the Intoxilyzer data was inaccurate. Result: Not guilty. Read On

  • Suffered substantial soft tissue injury

    A 17-year-old female was injured while attending a party at a New Hampshire hotel. She suffered substantial soft tissue injury as well as multiple broken bones. Result: Out-of-court settlement of $397,000 Read On

  • Attacked by a neighbor's dog

    A woman was walking her dog when attacked by a neighbor's dog. She hired Attorney Russman and, after several months of physical therapy and reconstructive plastic surgery, was awarded $473,000 in damages. Result: Awarded $473,000 in damages. Read On

  • Slip and Fall

    Attorney Russman's client slipped and fell upon entering a New Hampshire restaurant. She suffered serious soft tissue injuries and required numerous months of rehabilitation. Result: The insurance company agreed to a $500,000 award. Read On

  • Car was broadsided

    Attorney Russman's clients, a husband and wife, had their car broadsided by an individual who had run a red light. The couple sustained substantial medical injuries, loss of consortium, and required months of physical therapy. Result: The case settled prior to trial for $736,000. Read On

  • Charged with operating a vehicle after license suspension

    The defendant was charged with operating a vehicle after license suspension from a prior DWI conviction. Attorney Russman discovered the defendant had been convicted of the DWI due to ineffective legal council from another attorney. Result: The DWI trial was retried, and the defendant found not ... Read On

  • Suspended License

    The defendant was charged with operating a motor vehicle after driver's license was suspended. The state failed to prove the defendant was under suspension at the time of operating the vehicle. Result: Case dismissed. Read On

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