Uninsured Motor Accident in New Hampshire

Having a motor-vehicle accident is traumatic enough, but it's worse when a driver with no insurance caused your injuries.

It usually means delays, waiting and even non-settlement. You'll likely have difficulty getting compensation for present and future medical costs, loss of wages and vehicle damage/replacement.

Those who try filing claims on their own typically find it a thoroughly frustrating experience. If seeking an uninsured-auto-accident settlement, you are strongly encouraged to seek the right legal advice in a timely manner.

Because the law requires it, you do have uninsured-motorist coverage in New Hampshire automatically. However, that doesn't always cover the damage and your treatment bills.

If your injuries were severe, you probably have emergency medical bills ranging from ambulance service to ER fees, radiology, lab work, surgery, anesthesia, physiotherapy, etc.

You really do need expert uninsured-car-crash experts such as Ryan Russman to negotiate your uninsured auto accident settlement on your behalf. Our fee is contingency-based so you pay nothing until we get your uninsured-auto-accident settlement.

The Russman Law team has a firm grasp on New Hampshire motor vehicle laws, personal injury claims and uninsured auto accident settlements. Our experience as NH uninsured-motorist attorneys will help uncover the value of assets and property of the offending driver to attach to your claim.

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NH Uninsured Motorist Accident Cases are Complicated

  • Victims are often overwhelmed. Most drivers are reluctant to press charges for uninsured-motor-vehicle-accident injuries. They anticipate a long, drawn-out battle in getting a settlement.
  • If the offending party couldn't afford insurance (or adequate coverage), compensation seems like a distant dream to the victim.
  • Many uninsured drivers even claim bankruptcy and get away without paying a dime.

Attorneys Russman and Connolly are battle-tested and client-focused; they are the people you need on your side. As experienced NH uninsured-motorist attorneys, they know all the ins and outs in cases such as these in order to pursue the maximum compensation possible.

Many auto insurance companies also don't want to pay for low-impact accident injuries like whiplash. They claim that because the speed was low the injury could not be serious. This is not fair to you as a victim.

Studies show that these low-impact accident injuries can have serious consequences. We can help you bring in the experts to prove your case and get a fair settlement to cover your treatment and trauma.

Whether you've suffered an uninsured-motorist injury in New Hampshire or are facing refusal of your low-impact accident injuries claim, Russman Law can help. We will seek the maximum compensation attainable and won't stop until justice is served.

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