New Hampshire DWI Videos

The following series of video clips are provided to you to give you solid, experienced, straightforward advice about a drunk-driving arrest in New Hampshire. These videos will help you understand: why you should fight the DWI charges against you, the process of being charged with drunk driving, the importance of the paperwork involved, such as the license suspension form, the bail bond document and special form that is involved with a felony DWI. All this is explained to you by New Hampshire DWI attorney Ryan Russman.

If you are serious about your DWI case, you should hire a defense attorney who is a specialist in drunk-driving law. Experienced DWI Lawyer Ryan Russman is a Board Certified DUI Attorney in New Hampshire. Board Certification in DUI /DWI is from the National College for DUI Defense, and it distinguishes drunk-driving defense attorneys like Russman as one of the premier DUI attorneys in the nation.

Ryan Russman has specialized in DWI defense for more than ten years, representing people facing all kinds of drunk-driving offenses: people with first offenses and with multiple priors, people with DWI and aggravated DWI charges; and people charged with causing injury and homicide while DWI. Attorney Ryan Russman is ready to fight to achieve the best possible outcome based on his experience and knowledge of the New Hampshire DWI law.

The NH DWI Process

Surprising Consequences of a DWI conviction

New Hampshire DUI Defense

Drunk Driving Charges: Special Circumstances