New Hampshire Car Accident Injury Attorney

The Cost of Car Accidents in New Hampshire

Getting into a car wreck is expensive. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in 2005 motor vehicle crashes cost victims and their families over $41 billion. These costs represent loss of wages from inability to work and medical costs annually. It is estimated that 35% of these costs result from car, truck and other motor vehicle accidents not including motor cycle accidents. In New Hampshire alone, these crashes cost victims $143 million annually.

When a person is hurt in an auto accident caused by someone else's negligence, they have a right to be compensated. As exhibited above, medical bills and lost wages from inability to work add up. After an accident, insurance companies do not always make fair offers. For that reason, it is a good idea to speak to an attorney before agreeing to anything with the insurance company.

Types of Car Crashes in New Hampshire

Car accidents can happen in a lot of ways but there is never an excuse for causing a serious auto accident. Some of the most common causes of auto accidents include the following:

Distracted driver – If a driver takes their eyes of the road even for a second, they can cause an accident.  A driver can blame anything for causing a distraction such as children in the back seat, checking their cell phone or adjusting the radio. Regardless of the reason, a distracted driver is still responsible for the accident and the injuries they caused.

Driver error – many accidents are caused by drivers who simply make mistakes. This can be a misjudgment about how fast traffic is coming before making a turn or forgetting to use a turn signal.  Driver error also accounts for illegal acts like running a red light or speeding. In some cases the error was intestinal, but many drivers do not even realize their mistake until it is too late.

Maintenance Issues – Drivers are required to keep their vehicles well cared for. People who do not maintain their vehicles can also be held responsible for the accidents that result. A vehicle that does not have proper working head or brake lights can cause an accident as can a poorly serviced car that breaks down in the road.

New Hampshire Car Accident Injuries

The CDC estimates that every year over 30,000 people are killed due to auto accidents and thousands more are injured. When a person is hurt or killed in New Hampshire due to the negligence of another driver, they can hire an attorney to help them seek compensation. There are many injuries that a victim can experience as the result of a car crash. Some of the most common injuries include the following:

Neck Injuries – When a person is involved in an accident, even at low speeds, the soft tissue around their neck and shoulders can become damaged from the whipping of their head during the collision. This can lead to a condition called whiplash as well as other long term aliments.

Back and Spine Injuries – In an auto collision, injuries to the back and spine are very common. In the most serious cases spinal cord damage is sustained and paralysis occurs but even minor back injuries can cause a lifetime of pain.

Head and Brain Injuries – If a person's head hits the windshield or dashboard of their vehicle in an auto collision, serious injuries can result. Concussions, brain damage and other conditions can result from a head injury.

Wrongful Death – A person whose loses their life due to a car accident caused by another driver is often considered a wrongful death. In these cases, the victim's family may be entitled to compensation for their loss.

New Hampshire Car Accident Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a car accident, call our office right now to find out more about your rights. Car crash victims have the right to seek proper compensation for their injuries. Often, the best way to do this is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Attorney Ryan Russman is dedicated to fighting for his clients. He will deal with the insurance company and handle all of the paperwork so you can focus on getting better. Best of all, we do not charge any fees up front and we only collect a fee when we win your case. You have nothing to lose, so call us now.