Hit and Run Lawyer in New Hampshire

Have you suffered hit-and-run car accident injuries in New Hampshire?

Negligent drivers are a menace in the community and should never get away scot-free. Know your rights: the offending driver is liable to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering.

Let Attorney Ryan Russman speak up for you.

He can work toward getting you get the best compensation you deserve. Depending on the severity of the accident and the driver's record, you have every right to receive rightful compensation for your hit-and-run accident injury.

Attorney Russman is an expert on hit-and-run laws; he knows the system in and out. With many years of experience in personal injury cases and motor vehicle accidents, Russman Law is an excellent choice among hit-and-run car crash law firms in New Hampshire.

If you have been the victim of hit-and-run accident injuries, find a skilled hit-and-run car crash attorney like Ryan Russman to get justice for you.

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Hit-and-Run Auto Accident Settlements

If you were lucky enough to still have your wits about you after a hit-and-run accident, you probably took all the immediate action required notified the police, sought medical help, called your insurance agent, perhaps even got names of a few bystanders as witnesses.

However, don't ignore seeking legal advice. Even with uninsured or underinsured motor coverage, you still need the expertise of a hit-and-run car accident injury lawyer.

An experienced personal injury attorney such as Ryan Russman, along with his highly competent paralegal staff, can handle the entire process.

In the event that an issue arises with your insurance company, Attorney Russman can offer the right advice and assist in any litigation.

With expert legal negotiation skills and years of experience, we may help you recover maximum damages in your NH hit-and-run accident settlement case.

Moreover, because our fees are on a contingency-basis, you only pay when you collect your hit-and-run auto accident settlement.

Hit-and-Run Victim? Fight back!

Someone leaving the scene of a car accident – especially if they leave behind someone with hit-and-run injuries — has committed an extremely serious crime.

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