Losing Your Security Clearance Due to a DUI in New Hampshire

Losing Your Security Clearance Due to DUI

Civilian jobs associated with law enforcement, the military, security, federal agents, some private sector jobs typically require security clearance.

To receive clearance, not only does the employee need to have a clear background; he or she must maintain a clean record after employment.

Unfortunately, a DWI conviction in New Hampshire can cause the loss of that clearance.

A security clearance is arguably not that hard to obtain. A background check is usually just a formality for most people. Getting the job is usually relatively easy, assuming that various qualifications are met.

Beyond strictly criminal charges, however, any decent background check also looks for a history of substance abuse, which includes alcohol.

A DWI conviction is handled more strenuously because of the personality changes alcohol is capable of making in a person.

NH Attorney Ryan Russman has security clearance experience and can help with your criminal case, along with helping you deal with any negative ramifications on your employment.

Obtaining a security clearance with DUI convictions can be difficult; maintaining it can be almost impossible. Once a security clearance has been lost, it can be almost impossible to get it back. Worse, it can wreak havoc on a person's life beyond merely losing a job.

As the person's friends possibly still have theirs, it means that the person is now unable to maintain those friendships, as they can no longer discuss certain subjects around that person, and it may be harder for them to maintain their own clearance.

A security clearance and DUI convictions are hardly compatible.

Fight Back with the Help of an Experienced DWI Attorney

It's critical that a person with a security clearance avoid driving under the influence. With a DUI, security clearance will disappear, and with it all of the benefits of the former job, including former friends. Although a night on the town may sound like a great idea, precautions should be set ahead of time in order to avoid driving drunk, and to avoid losing a great job.

If you have a security clearance and have been arrested for DWI, Attorney Ryan Russman can assist you with the legal ramifications you face.