What Is a Habitual Traffic Offender in New Hampshire?

While it may sound obvious, a habitual traffic offender is one who repeatedly fails to follow the law when it comes to operating a vehicle and recognizing roadway laws. As such, those given a habitual traffic offender conviction may be looking at a long standing sentence.

Types of Habitual Traffic Offender Charges

It's not just reckless driving, or a couple of speeding tickets; a habitual traffic offender conviction results from repeated traffic driving offenses. The following traffic offenses could put you in jeopardy of a traffic offender charge:

Any 12 combinations of the above listed charges could result in a habitual offender conviction in New Hampshire. For a habitual traffic offender charge, all previous convictions must fall within a 5 year time period. Those that fall outside of that time period may not be considered.

Reckless Driving Charges Could Mean Serious Punishment

What happens after you have been pulled over for driving with a suspended license or charged with a DWI multiple offense? If you have a number of other driving convictions on your record, the officer who pulled you over may give you two charges; one for the present action and another recommending a conviction for a habitual traffic offender. If the court finds you guilty you could expect to receive the following types of penalties:

  • Defensive driving course
  • Court fines and additional fees
  • A suspension lasting anywhere from 3 months to a year
  • No option for a “work” license

Allowing the court to handle your case and providing your own defense may not be the best course of action. A NH criminal defense attorney such as Ryan Russman can defend you from this potential crippling conviction. Without a license, you may find it difficult to commute to work or school, making the basic necessities an extreme inconvenience or worse a near impossibility.

Russman's experience in criminal defense cases such as habitual traffic offenders ensures that your case will get the attention it deserves. No matter how convoluted your story may seem, attorney Russman knows how to delve in and sort the facts from the hyperbole. Police authorities, possible witnesses, and anyone else involved will be required to go under Russman's thorough investigation.

Ryan Russman Provides Legal Assistance as One of New Hampshire's Leading Criminal Defense Attorneys

The best time to call a criminal defense attorney is now. Waiting until your case is half-way over may be too late for his expert help. As soon as you have been charged as a habitual traffic offender, call us at 603-772-3433 to find out your legal options. It could mean the difference between walking away from a charge free and clear instead of being saddled with years' worth of punishment. Contact him today for a free consultation.