New Hampshire Underage DWI Lawyer

Drinking under the age of 21 is against the law in New Hampshire. Further, teenage drinking and driving is classified as an aggravating circumstance in this state.

Teen drunk-driving offenses often result in multiple charges. Less than one drink can land a teenager in a lot of legal trouble. The charges are significant and the repercussions are costly.

Having a DWI defense attorney such as Ryan Russman would be a wise course of action.

Minor in Possession and Minor in Consumption Charges

The legal blood alcohol content for a DUI under 21 is as little as 0.02. It will show on the breathalyzer after one drink, and can be sufficient cause for an arrest.

Not only will a minor be charged with a DUI underage, but there are other charges that can occur, such as a minor in possession and a minor in consumption. The charges add up quickly from less than one drink of alcohol.

Suspension of a teen's driver's license is mandatory for one year. There may be other stipulations until the age of 21, such as an ignition interlock device placed on their vehicle.

Strict penalties for teenage drinking and driving and the consequences that result from an underage DUI make it a wise decision indeed to consult with NH DWI Attorney Ryan Russman.

Consult a Qualified NH Attorney Experienced in Underage DWI Charges

Drinking alcohol can dull reactions and, although a person does not realize the effect, the driver's ability to make clear judgments may be jeopardized.

A police officer can observe weaving within the lane or peculiar responses to a traffic light and pull the driver over to check for DWI. Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and accidents often happen.

Getting a DUI under 21 can change a minor's life and cause many legal problems. Aggravating circumstances are attached to the charges. The damage will last years following an arrest and the fines and punishments will be considerable.

If arrested for an NH aggravated DWI, a minor will have a steep hill to climb to wade through all the legal matters and will face stringent punishment. Having Board certified DWI defense lawyer Ryan Russman is extremely valuable in navigating the judicial process.