Burglary and Theft Defense in New Hampshire

He Protects Your Rights in Manchester, NH and Throughout State

Attorneys Ryan Russman and Alex Yiokarinis are dedicated, vigilant and aggressive. When you are charged with theft or burglary, in Exeter or Manchester, New Hampshire or elsewhere in the state, they are the attorneys who will fight to protect your rights. With years of experience in researching and winning numerous criminal law cases, Attorneys Russman and Blanchard have the knowledge and expertise to build a strong defense that could drastically change the outcome of theft, assault, and burglary charges.

The laws in New Hampshire state that an individual can be charged with burglary if a person “…enters a building or occupied structure, with purpose to commit a crime.” These crimes include:

  • Theft – Unlawfully taking property without permission or authorization
  • Robbery – Threatening or using physical force in an effort to take property.
  • Simple Assault – Instilling fear into a victim by threatening physical violence.
  • Aggravated Assault – Intended or attempted harm against a victim with a stronger form of assault, usually with a deadly weapon (This charge can include kidnapping, sexual assault, and attempted battery).
  • Murder – Unlawfully attempting or succeeding in killing another human being.
  • Sexual Assault or Rape – Forcefully committing sex acts upon another human without consent.

If you have been charged with one of the crimes listed above in Manchester, NH or elsewhere, along with a burglary charge, the penalties could increase. Along with fines, an extended prison sentence, in some cases without parole, could be given to convicted individuals.

Your freedom and the direction of your life could be changed in an instant if convicted of a felony. Ryan Russman has helped hundreds of clients in Exeter, NH and surrounding areas, and he wants to help you with your burglary defense case.

Charged with Burglary or Theft in Exeter, NH? Criminal Law Attorney Ryan Russman Can Help

A felony conviction will stay on your record for the rest of your life. Even if you are able to expunge or seal the information, convicted felons struggle in finding and keeping a job, locating housing, and enjoying other legal privileges. Don't allow a felony conviction to ruin your life and your goals.

As skilled burglary defense attorneys, Ryan Russman and Alex Yiokarinis know how to litigate and defend your rights and reduce your chances of a felony conviction with top notch defense strategies.

Russman Law, with offices in Exeter and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is committed to your burglary or theft defense case. New Hampshire laws do not take burglary and other similar allegations lightly, and neither should you. Without proper representation, you could be gambling with your future freedom. Please contact us today to discuss your options. We may help turn your life around.