New Hampshire DWI Plea Bargains

New Hampshire DWI Defenses

When a person is charged with DWI in New Hampshire, they have several options for dealing with the charges. The first is to plead guilty. If a person accused of DWI pleads guilty, it will be up to the judge to decide what penalties they want to sentence the defendant with. These are often steep as initially pleading guilty shows the court that you agree that you are guilty of the charges. There's nothing stopping the judge from giving someone the maximum penalties.

The other option is to plead not guilty. When a defendant pleads not guilty their case moves to trial. This does not always mean that they will have to go to the trial, however. When a defendant enters an initial plea of not guilty, they can change their plea to guilty at any time. Most DWI attorneys advise their clients to enter an initial plea of not guilty so that they have time to go over the evidence and the facts of the case. This also gives attorneys a chance to work with the prosecution to see if a plea bargain can be agreed upon.

A plea bargain is when prosecutor of a case offers a deal in exchange for the defendant changing their plea to guilty. The deal usually involves a reduced charges or a lower than average sentence. Plea-bargains are a way to get good results along with avoiding the uncertainty, time and money involved with going to trial.

Getting a New Hampshire DWI Plea Bargain

There are several ways that a plea bargain can occur. In some cases the prosecutor may be overworked and looking to offer plea deals as a way to handle multiple trials at once. They might also offer a deal if they feel that there is not enough evidence to make a good case in court. Prosecutors do not like to lose cases. If they feel that there is a good chance that a jury might not convict a defendant, they will often look to make them a plea agreement. Having a strong defense will show the prosecution that you are serious about fighting your charges. This may also give them a reason to offer a bargain.

The only way to get a plea bargain is to work with the prosecutor. This is why it is important to have an experienced DWI attorney on your side. Many attorneys develop relationships with prosecutors and so they can better understand what it takes to get a good deal. Not all plea bargains are the same, however. It will be up to the defendant to ultimately decide if they want to take the deal. DWI lawyers can help their clients make an informed decision by explaining what kind of results they can expect from going to trial.

Who Can Get a Plea Bargain in New Hampshire?

Anyone accused of a crime is eligible for a plea deal. However, it is not a right and it is something that only occurs when offered by the prosecution. A DWI attorney can attempt to make a deal with the prosecutor, but it is ultimately up to them to decide whether or not they would like to make an offer. Alternatively, a lawyer can sometimes work with the judge to get a reduced sentence for thier client.

There are many benefits to a plea bargain. In some cases a plea bargain can lead to reduced charges. For example, someone charged with DWI may get a plea deal that reduces the DWI charge to something less serious like reckless driving. In New Hampshire, the prosecutors must provide a written statement to the Attorney General before reducing charges. For this reason deals do not always work out. If that is the case, a guilty plea can be rescinded and the case will again move towards trial.

Plea bargains are also beneficial for defendants charged with multiple offenses. Often DWI offenders are charged with DWI as well as other crimes including, reckless driving and eluding police. Often a DWI related plea bargain will include dropping some of these charges in exchange for a guilty plea.

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