New Hampshire Post-Divorce Disputes

Post-Divorce Disputes in New Hampshire

Unfortunately when a divorce is finalized, it does not always mean that it is the end of the legal process. There are several situations in which a conflict may arise after a divorce settlement is finalized. These are often referred to as post-divorce disputes. These conflicts often require the divorce agreement to be altered or for a judge to enforce one area of it. Post-divorce disputes occur most often when one party does not fulfill their obligations set out in the divorce agreement or one party experiences life changes that significantly alter their living situation.When a post-divorce dispute arises it is often necessary for legal intervention. In these situations it is important to make sure that you have an attorney on your side to help you deal with these conflicts.

New Hampshire Divorce Enforcement

When one party does not uphold their end of the divorce agreement a post-divorce dispute may occur. If one party is not paying their responsibilities, the other may need a judge to step in and enforce the agreement. This commonly involves nonpayment of child support or spousal support. Also, divorce enforcement is sometimes needed in child custody cases where the visitation schedule is not being adhered to. Visitation problems can occur when one spouse refuses to let the other spend time with the child or when one spouse does not show up for their turn period of visitation.

These disputes may require a judge to take action. Lack of payment can be enforced in several ways including garnishing of wages. If there is a visitation problem, the judge can add stipulations to the divorce agreement to make sure all parties follow the plan in the future.

New Hampshire Divorce Modifications

Another common post-divorce dispute is requesting a modification. After a divorce, if one party's life significantly changes they may request a permanent or long-term modification to the divorce agreement. This is often related to the financial aspects of the original agreement.  For example, a spouse who loses their job, gets sick or faces some other type of financial hardship may request their child support payments be lowered. On the other hand, a person receive support may request payments be increased in order to care for themselves during a period of financial hardship.

Divorce modifications can be amicably agreed upon or ordered by the court. In some cases, like altering child support, the process is relatively simple. If both parties do not agree to the changes, however, a petition to change the court order must be filed. Either way several forms must be completed and a divorce attorney can help you during the entire process.

New Hampshire Divorce Attorney

If you are thinking about modifying or would like to enforce an aspect of your divorce agreement, contact our office now. Attorney Katharine Phinney is an experienced family law attorney who will walk you through the process. From knowing what forms to fill out to helping you make informed decisions, hiring a lawyer will always prove helpful. Call us now to find out more.You can print copies of all the necessary forms needed here.