Registered Nurse and Received a DUI in New Hampshire?

Nurses and medical professionals in New Hampshire have a lot at risk when faced with a conviction.

With a nurse DWI, for instance, the nurse's license could be on the line. The same is true for a physician, where the doctor may actually face having his or her medical license revoked.

Russman Law has considerable experience in DWI cases impacting nursing licenses. We know that special and immediate care must be attended to these cases to avoid possible loss of a nursing license.

Where a license is lost, collateral consequences extend beyond nurses to their family, and even to the organization they serve with. As for handling of a nursing license, nurses facing drunk-driving charges are advised to not make any statements to co-workers, supervisors, or any disciplinary board until the nurse has hired legal representation.

A New Hampshire physician with a revoked medical license as a result of a DWI conviction will face very severe consequences. Their livelihood is immediately impacted, of course, and their right to seek license reinstatement will probably be limited. This may be true after even only a single DWI conviction.

Physicians generally will be required to report a DWI conviction to the licensing board; failing to do so will itself be a punishable offense.

NH DWI Consequences for Nurses and Health Care Professionals

Penalties for DWI convictions have become very severe.

The arrest and initial incarceration alone are dreadful, life-altering experiences. But if you're convicted, the full weight of this legal nightmare takes over your life.

Most states now call for jail time even for a first conviction, along with possible license suspension, a significant fine, probation, and even possible loss of driving privileges altogether.

The severity of penalties imposed may vary with the level of intoxication. Repeat offenders will face a heightening of sentencing up to and including even felony prosecution and prison time.

Penalties resulting from New Hampshire drunk-driving laws are no exception.

Beyond jail time, payment of a fine, and compliance with ongoing monitoring, other consequences extend well beyond the legal punishment. These are called collateral consequences and, in some cases, they may seem even more severe than any penalty imposed by the court.

For professionals, this may be especially true. It's important to know the collateral consequences of DWI for registered nurses, license practical nurses (LPN) and other health care professionals — a group particularly susceptible to collateral effects from this conviction. Our attorneys can help you understand the specifics and determine if you have a case.

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Consequences may extend to education, as well. Applicants to medical school will be screened for a DWI violation, and may be denied admission because of one. The DUI- medical school relationship is undefined, but troubling.

Moreover, a medical school graduate attempting to get licensed may have problems doing so due to a DUI conviction.

If you're a nurse, physician or other medical professional and you get a DWI in New Hampshire, Attorney Ryan Russman can assist you with your legal issues. Trust that he has the experience to aggressively defend you.