Family & Divorce Law in New Hampshire

Russman Law Offices offers representation in all areas of domestic law.  Our mission is to put your needs first to ensure you receive quality representation in all matters.

Attorneys Katharine Phinney, Kenneth Burlage and Blaire Fenniman, are experienced trial attorneys and former prosecutors, who handle all of Russman Law's divorce and family law cases. Whether the case involves litigation, mediation, or collaborative divorce, Attorneys Phinney, Burlage and Fenniman will be committed to you as they zealously advocate on your behalf.

Attorney Phinney also focuses her practice on collaborative divorce: conflict resolution without litigation. It saves time and money and is healthier overall for the family — especially if children are involved.

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Attorneys Phinney, Burlage and Fenniman will listen to all aspects of your case and explain the options you have available to you. They will then suggest a process that best fits you and your family's needs.

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