Auto Accidents in New Hampshire

Have you been involved in an auto accident or a motorcycle accident? Any car crash, motorcycle collision or truck accident caused by another driver who was drinking and driving, texting, asleep at the wheel, or just being reckless constitutes a personal injury by law.

Motor vehicle accidents happen abruptly and can be very traumatic and difficult. New Hampshire's premier personal injury law firm, Russman Law Offices, will go to bat aggressively to win the best possible compensation for you.

Being Pressured Into A Quick Settlement?

Are you being encouraged to quickly settle by the negligent party's insurance company, which is diminishing the extent of your injuries and the overall damage their client caused?

Attorney Ryan Russman will work hard on your behalf to get you all the compensation you deserve. He will do so on a contingency basis; any fee will come out of settlement monies.

Without an attorney of Russman's tenacious nature, the insurance company will ignore your claims for compensation or insult you with offers that do not even cover your immediate expenses.

We will launch an investigation on your behalf, which may begin by having a private investigator visiting the accident scene before evidence deteriorates.

Once sufficient evidence has been gathered and presented to the insurance company, they normally comply with far more reasonable settlement terms.

When insurance companies know you have Attorney Russman on your side, they often settle more quickly and more favorably, knowing that going to court will only make it worse for them.

The attorneys at Russman Law have extensive personal injury experience which enhances the likelihood that you will get the compensation you need to get your life back on track. He knows how to structure compensation settlements that cover everything from a replacement vehicle to present and future medical costs, lost wages, plus compensation for pain and suffering.

Free Personal Injury Case Review

Request a free case review right now. It's fast, confidential and conducted with no obligation for you to hire the firm. Attorney Russman and his paralegal will walk you through the entire claim process and work tirelessly toward your most beneficial outcome.

Note: If the other driver was under-insured or uninsured, Russman Law attorneys will work to uncover the assets and property to attach in order to obtain your compensation. Every effort will be made to get the compensation you deserve.

Motor Vehicle Accident Checklist

Print a handy checklist to stash away in your vehicle in the event of an accident. While we hope you never need it, it could come in very handy some day.