Know The Collateral Consequences Of Your NH DWI

In considering whether or not you should fight your DWI charge, it is important to thoughtfully consider not only the direct consequences of a DWI conviction – the possible fine, license suspension, jail time and such – but also the collateral consequences. NH Attorney Ryan Russman helps you to understand some of these consequences in the following video clips. Consequences that occur from a drunk-driving conviction can impact your home, job and family. They can affect your ability to hold or get a job, your relationships with family and friends, your financial security, and more.

New Hampshire state law requires people convicted of a drunk-driving offence to carry a special classification of very expensive insurance for three years. That can put a burden on your budget. Also, DWI laws and consequences in NH are even tougher for certain professionals. For those serving in the armed forces, it may hurt your ability to maintain or obtain a security clearance, or get a promotion. For airplane pilots, it may require toxicology screenings. Just remember, not everybody wins their DWI case, but only those who fight win their case.