What Factors Impact Your Compensation Amount?

Yes, this is certainly one of the biggest questions. This video clip features personal injury lawyer Ryan Russman explaining that the amount of money that you will be able to recover for personal injury compensation in New Hampshire relies on a number of factors.

One factor is the medical expenses that you incur through the negligence of another person. Another factor is the loss of wages that you suffer as a result of your accident and injury. A third factor may even be the loss of consortium, meaning that your injury impacted your ability to be able to enjoy relations with your spouse or partner.

These are only three of many factors that could influence the amount of compensation that you deserve. In one of attorney Russman's cases, a husband and wife had their car broadsided by an individual who had run a red light. The couple sustained substantial medical injuries, which resulted in loss of consortium, and required months of physical therapy. The case settled prior to trial for $736,000.

Contact Ryan Russman's personal injury law firm today to tell him about your injury, and discuss the factors of your personal injury case. He will listen to your facts, let you know your rights under the law, what factors are at play in your case, and your chances for fair compensation.