New Hampshire Domestic Abuse Charges

It has many names: family violence, relationship abuse, domestic abuse, and domestic violence. Exeter, NH residents and others living in New Hampshire who feel abused or threatened can file a domestic violence charge that can devastate and destroy another individual's life. Both women and men can be equally accused and convicted of domestic violence.

If you have been convicted of a domestic abuse charge, the penalties could change your life permanently. In addition to jail time, you could receive the following:

  • Fines
  • Court-enforced community service
  • Court-enforced family and individual therapy
  • Custody loss of children
  • Difficulties in finding a job
  • Registered on the National Sex Offender Registry
  • Anger management classes

Any physical aggression, including aggravated assault, sexual assault, or physical violence can lead to a domestic abuse charge. Stalking, mentally or emotionally controlling another family member or spouse also falls under domestic family violence. If you have been given a domestic violence charge, the cities of Exeter and Manchester as well as the state of New Hampshire can impose severe punishments on those who violate domestic violence laws.

Exeter, New Hampshire Domestic Violence Laws – An Overview

New Hampshire divides domestic violence into two different categories: civil and criminal law. Under civil law a spouse or another family member can file a protective/restraining order against you. The victim has the right to press or drop charges. Violating these charges can result in jail time, but if handled correctly, a civil law charge may be dropped. Russman law handles charges like this on a consistent basis, and can give you advice on how to handle your case.

A criminal law charge involves a prosecutor representing the county or state you live in. These charges, which include simple or aggravated assault, domestic violence, or sexual assault, can have more serious penalties if convicted. You need an experienced and highly qualified domestic abuse attorney to represent you if you are charged with domestic abuse.

Russman Law Provides Aggressive Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges in Manchester and Exeter, NH

Family feuds and marital fights can cause emotions to boil over, making individuals act irrationally. During turbulent times in a relationship, some spouses may file a domestic abuse charge and other false allegations in order to gain full custody of children. Let domestic abuse attorney Ryan Russman, who is skilled in criminal law, sort out the facts and details when it comes to your domestic violence case.

Even if the charges brought against you are not false, Ryan Russman can work with you in an effort to reduce your sentence, lessen your charges, and restore your life in Exeter or Manchester, New Hampshire. He can help you sort out your family issues in an effort to help resolve your legal issues so that you can restore balance in your life. Talk to him about your questions and concerns. He provides a completely free, confidential consultation for any individual carrying domestic abuse charges.