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In New Hampshire, a person who causes a motor vehicle accident that results in serious bodily injury while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or both, faces very serious, life-altering consequences.

The charge for this offense under tough New Hampshire drunk driving laws is termed: “Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated” (DWI), and it brings penalties that can take away your freedom, ruin your career, and cause you to lose your driver's license for years.

Clearly, you want one of the best DWI lawyers you can get to on your side defending you against the charges and protecting your rights and liberties.

Board Certified New Hampshire DUI Lawyer

DWI lawyer Ryan Russman specializes in defending people charged with DWI and Aggravated DWI. Unique qualifications and training make Ryan Russman “one in a million:” a lawyer in the state that is Board Certified in DUI Defense Law by the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD). The NCDD is the only organization accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) to certify lawyers in the specialty practice of DUI Defense Law.

Put simply, ABA-recognized DUI Board Certification means Attorney Ryan Russman is among one of the very best in training, skill and experience in defending people charged with DWI. It makes him well qualified to defend you against DWI causing bodily injury.

  • Fewer than 50 lawyers in the country are so distinguished.
  • Most of his practice is in DUI Defense Law, his specialty.
  • He's been lead counsel in dozens of DUI trials that have culminated in verdict or judgment — he's won so many of them!
  • He has a broad knowledge of the complex science involved in testing for intoxicants: tests for field sobriety, breath and blood. He knows how to mount your most effective defense.
  • He is extremely well trained and experienced in putting together an expert defense team to challenge the state's evidence.
  • He knows the best strategies for effective cross-examination of police officers and prosecution experts.
  • DWI Attorney Russman is the author of 2 widely acclaimed books on DWI in New Hampshire.

The High Penalties of Aggravated DWI Call for a Strong Defense

It's serious. So much is at stake. Even with a first offense, you face a possible loss of your driving privileges for from 90 days to two years. You face a stiff fine. And you'll be ordered to attend a twenty-hour “Impaired Driver Intervention Program” for which you have to pay the program fee.

Reason enough to want a lawyer who will listen to you, understand your particular circumstances and know how to put forth a strong defense.

Attorney Ryan Russman will take personal interest in you. He will get to know you and your story. He'll protect you against the prosecution — and he knows just how to do it.

Saving the Careers of Commercial Drivers

Many of Attorney Ryan Russman's clients have been Commercial Driver's Licence (CDL) holders, including truck drivers, firefighters, school bus drivers and others. Other clients simply must drive as a requirement of their career – such as doctors, lawyers, salespeople, and others.

If you must drive for a living, you face severe consequences for DWI arrests.

Your license will be taken away with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of just 0.04 or above. Compare that to the 0.08% BAC standard for a non-commercial driver age 21 or older. Multiple offenses or DWI causing injury for commercial drivers can spell suspension of your commercial license for 10 years.

Your professional driving career would be over.

Ryan Russman will take your side and fight to protect your career. He has successfully defended such charges against many commercial drivers.

Penalties Escalate With a 2nd DWI Offense within 2 Years

The penalties for Aggravated DWI get even tougher if the driver has been convicted of a previous DWI offense within the past two years, and it may not matter in what state the previous offense occurred.

Penalties will include:

  • Thirty days in jail – mandatory minimum! Up to a maximum of one year.
  • Following jail, a mandatory seven-day stay in a New Hampshire DWI Multiple Offender Intervention Detention Program, which will cost you in excess of $1,200.
  • Loss of your driver's license for three years.
  • A hefty fine: $750 to $2,000, and don't forget to tack on a 24% DWI penalty assessment.

2 Priors? And a 2nd DWI Offense Within 10 Years?

Social and political forces in New Hampshire have made DWI offenses a target of tough legislation and penalties. Under these circumstances, here's what you're up against:

  • Now you're facing six months to a year in jail.
  • Then, a 28-day mandatory residential treatment program. Yes, you're paying for it.
  • Forget about driving for at least five years.
  • The same $750 to $2,000 fine and 24% assessment. Could cost you as much as $2,480.

The Hidden Penalties: Sometimes The Worst

  • Your job, your career. How will you earn a living? Who will hire you now?
  • The impact on your marriage or relationship.
  • The social stigma. People will point the finger. Friends may shy away.
  • Your own self-image. It's quite a burden to bear.

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