Attorney Russman On NH DWI Arrest Process

DWI in New Hampshire is a frightening and confusing issue to face. The process alone can be overwhelming and quite stressful. We're here to help. The following series of video clips are clear and easy-to-understand explanations of the various DWI legal processes and important paperwork issues that you will need to understand.

The explanations are given by DWI Lawyer Ryan Russman. Drunk-driving defense attorney Russman is an expert in the NH DUI legal processes and paperwork. He has even written two books on DUI, one for lawyers and one for citizens of New Hampshire, a definitive guide to protecting your rights in the face of NH's tough DWI/DUI laws. In addition, attorney Russman offers a free magazine (which you can download from his website) that provides information about being charged with DWI in New Hampshire. View the following videos to get a good, well-explained understanding of some of the important issues and processes you need to handle. Knowledge is power, and drunk-driving defense specialist Russman puts the power in your hands.