Felony DWI Rights

When faced with a felony drunk-driving charge, the police must review with you a “Felony Administrative License Suspension Form”. In this video clip, New Hampshire DWI defense lawyer Ryan Russman, explains this suspension of license form and its importance in a drunk-driving felony case. This form details your rights and responsibilities as a citizen when being requested to take a blood, breath, urine or physical test. Criminal defense attorney Russman says that it is very important that you bring this form with you when you meet with a drunk-driving defense lawyer. A DWI felony should be taken very seriously, and you should have the support of a lawyer who specializes in DWI charges, will listen carefully to your story, and will defend you against the serious charges being brought against you. The independent lawyer rating service AVVO rates him 10.0: as one of the top of DUI/DWI defense lawyers in New Hampshire and one of the top in the U.S.