About the Administration License Suspension Form

In this informative video clip, NH DWI attorney Ryan Russman explains the first document that you will get when facing a drinking and driving charge in New Hampshire. It is called technical form DSMV426, “The Administration License Suspension Form”. This form informs you that you may be asked to perform a breath, blood or urine, or physical test, and it articulates your rights and privileges as a citizen with regard to the arrest and the test(s).

The form “memorializes”, or provides an official record, of whether or not you took a breath, blood or urine, or physical test when pulled over on suspicion of DWI in New Hampshire. It explains that DUI tests may be asked of you at the discretion of the law enforcement officer investigating the case, and can include a breathalyzer, a blood alcohol level test, a physical test and more. As one of the leading DWI lawyers, and a New Hampshire Board Certified DWI specialist, certified by the National College of DUI Defense, Ryan Russman knows all the intricacies of drinking and driving, and is prepared to fight charges and protect the rights of the accused. He'll help you understand just where you stand.