NH DWI Consequences For Military Personnel


New Hampshire criminal defense attorney Ryan Russman has represented many people serving in the armed forces against charges of driving under the influence, or DWI. In this video, he explains DWI collateral consequences for military personnel.

If you are a member of the armed forces and been charged with a DWI, you must understand the process of the law. DUI in the military is potentially very damaging. A drunk-driving conviction can cause enduring consequences such as a revocation of your security clearance or it can limit your ability to be promoted. New Hampshire attorney Ryan Russman has a special place in his heart for people serving in the United States armed forces. He is dedicated to protecting those who protect our way of life. He is proud to meet with any military serviceperson to offer his advice and counsel. DWI specialist Russman has many years of experience and training in effective defense of drunk-driving charges. He knows it well and is ready to provide knowledge and understanding to his clients.