How Much Will A New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

View this video to see and hear NH personal injury attorney Ryan Russman answer this question and explain the options you have for paying your personal injury attorney fees. Hear him explain that cases in attorney Ryan Russman's office are taken on a contingency fee basis. Every client has the right to request an hourly fee arrangement, but no one has ever taken this option. The reason for this is simple and makes the contingency fee arrangement the most popular option: Russman Law Offices will not make a dime unless your case is won.

Most New Hampshire lawyer fees for personal injury lawsuits are handled in this way. The law firm does not collect a fee unless you win.

This works in your favor, as your personal injury lawyer has a strong motivation to win your case so that they can be paid a fee for their services. Attorney Russman is happy to meet with you to sit down together and have a conversation about your case … at no cost to you. Experienced accident and injury lawyer Russman will meet with you where it is most convenient to you – in his office, in your home, in a hospital room, or elsewhere if you prefer. You will not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses for him to represent you and fight your case. The fees for your case will be deducted from the money that is won in a settlement or trial. So there is no reason not to get one of the best personal injury lawyers on your side right away.