Dealing with the Insurance Company After a NH Auto Accident

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When a person is hurt in a car accident in New Hampshire that was caused by another driver, they may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and other accident related expenses. All victims should understand their right as well as how the process works. For example, in most accidents, it is the negligent party's insurance company that will actually be responsible for compensating you. This does not mean, however, that the process will be easy or that you will be treated fairly. In order to get the compensation that you need for your medical bills, lost wages from inability to work and other injury related expenses, you may want to consider speaking to a New Hampshire auto injury attorney at Russman Law.

When you request compensation after an accident, the insurance adjuster will investigate the crash by talking to witnesses, reading the police report, reviewing your medical records and inspecting the physical damage. They will use this information to offer you a payment that they feel is satisfactory. Unfortunately, insurance companies cannot always be trusted to make fair offers. For this reason, victims are advised to document the accident on their own including taking photos of physical injuries as well as the damage at the scene when the accident occurred. They may also want to speak with a personal injury attorney about their rights.

It is also important for victims of an auto accident to wait until they are fully diagnosed and treated before agreeing to any amount of compensation. Often after an accident the insurance adjuster will make an offer quickly in order to get the case settled right away. However, once a settlement is accepted, the victim can never request additional compensation. This means any complications or further injuries discovered in the future that resulted from the accident will be the victim's financial responsibility.

Additionally, victims should avoid giving the insurance company too much information. Insurance adjusters can sometimes be tricky and attempt to get victims to admit that their injuries are not as severe as they claim or that they resulted from a prior accident. Hiring an attorney to represent you is a good way to make sure that you only give the insurance company the information that is necessary and avoid being taken advantage of.

This information is only an overview of what you should expect after being injured in a vehicle accident. For specific information regarding your case, contact an injury attorney as soon as possible. The lawyers at Russman Law know the best ways to handle injury cases. They will walk you through the process and speak to the insurance adjuster on your behalf. Getting the compensation that you need can be a lot harder than it should be and insurance companies are never eager to pay out money even when it is deserved. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a vehicle accident in New Hampshire, call a personal injury lawyer right away to find out more about your rights.

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