Divorce Support Groups Recommend Collaborative Divorce

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Collaborative Divorce is one way for parties to resolve their issues and reach an amicable divorce settlement. There are many benefits to choosing this method and anyone thinking about filing for divorce in New Hampshire should consider Collaborative Divorce as an option. Even divorce support groups like First Wives World recommend this type of divorce. First Wives World is an online community that provides advice and support for women who are going through a divorce. The site is full of advice from experts like financial planners and parenting professionals. In an article on their website, the group talks about the various benefits of Collaborative Divorce and how avoiding litigation can reduce stress, time and costs.

The article begins by describing Collaborative Divorce as “a step between mediation and the adversarial "fight tooth and nail" style divorce”.  It allows parties to work with attorneys and a mental health expert to talk out their issues and come to a divorce agreement that works for everyone. When this process is used instead of the traditional ligation, parties are able to avoid the tension and stress of fighting their divorce in Court. The process also can be more effective than medication because it allows parties to have attorneys present as well as experts such as financial planners and parenting advisors present to help parties work through their issues and make informed decisions.

Another big benefit of Collaborative Divorce is the cost. First Wives World reports that the average cost of a fully litigated divorce is upwards of $77,746 and the cost of a divorce reached by lawyer negotiations is about $26,830, but the average cost of a Collaborative Divorce is only $19,723. Collaborative Divorces also have the potential to be quicker that divorces involving the Court.

When parties utilize Collaborative Divorce to negotiate their divorce, they will not face the same pressure to feel like they need to “win” the divorce. This helps reduce the stress associated with divorce, it can also yield better results. Additionally, the process is recommended to parties with children.

Parents who work with each other to develop a parenting plan are more likely to have fewer conflicts post-divorce and foster a more collaborative relationship. The First Wives World article states:

“The Collaborative process can be used to facilitate a broad range of other family issues, including disputes between parents and the drawing up of pre and post-marital contracts.”

Studies have shown that children who are subject to highly contentious divorces and unstable post-divorce households are more likely to suffer long term negative effects. When parents are able to use the Collaborative process to solve their parenting issues, this can reduce the stress on the child.

Collaborative Divorce is a great option for many people. The only groups not advised to try Collaborative Divorce, however, are parties who have a history of abuse or where one party is intimidated by the other. For anyone else who is interested in amicably dissolving their marriage as quickly and cost effectively as possible, should learn more about the Collaborative process.

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