Designer Drugs: Bath Salts in New Hampshire

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No, it's not the kind you use to soak in the bathtub. Bath salts, an illegal designer drug, has been popping up in headlines all over the nation, and recently in New Hampshire.

Police recently seized more than $100,000 worth of bath salts and other synthetic drugs from a Food Plus grocery store in Plaistow, NH a week ago. Local authorities found the drugs and paraphernalia after responding to a call hearing about a woman behaving oddly on Friday. She admitted to taking the bath salts.

Just like other synthetic drugs, bath salts are especially dangerous to the human body, and if you are arrested for using or distributing these types of drugs, you could face extensive penalties.

What are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are a relatively new drug made illegally by street chemists all over the U.S. Also known as “Purple Wave,” “Vanilla Sky,” or “Bliss” this drug is a type of methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV, causing a number of reactions.

The white powder is sold in small plastic or foil packets. People all over the nation have been arrested for snorting bath salts, injecting them, or mixing in a liquid and swallowing them. The most outrageous report of a possible bath salt user was about a naked man who chewed off the face of a homeless man in Florida.

The reason why people snort bath salts is for the euphoric effect on the brain. A bath salt high overrides the brain's systems and forces it to release more dopamine. This causes the brain's pleasure receptors to overload making a user feel very good, i.e. high.

The Results of Bath Salt Abuse

However, ingesting bath salts results in some very serious side effects. Some negative effects include:

  • Agitation
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Chest pain/heart issues
  • Feeling suicidal
  • Increased heart rate
  • Psychosis

Any combination of these effects could have lasting damage to your body and brain. If an individual ingests a large amount of bath salts in a single use, fatal results have often been recorded.

NH Laws Regarding Illegal Substances

Because the drug is so new, bath salts charges are relatively low. The substance has been recently banned in New Hampshire and 37 other states. New Hampshire is serious about distributing and using illegal drugs. If convicted of distributing or using illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, or heroine, penalties could include:

  • Jail time (for first offense in distributing this could amount to 30 years)
  • Fines in excess of $100,000
  • A felony conviction
  • Mandatory rehabilitation classes

Bath salts were not previously included as illegal substances in New Hampshire, however, lawmakers are now pushing for maximum penalties for using or distributing this drug.

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