Workplace Harassment Can Lead to Serious Charges

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Unfortunately, it's a situation that happens often. You may be in a hostile work environment, or you might not even suspect it. When you are hit with harassment charges at your place of work, it can be a difficult, and delicate, situation. Sexual harassment laws are designed to crack down hard on those charged with workplace harassment related charges. What happens when you have been falsely accused? You need to call NH sexual harassment lawyer, Ryan Russman.

Harassment Charges – What Does it Mean?

It usually starts within the workplace; a co-worker or another colleague may feel he or she is in a hostile work environment. As the individual feels threatened, the usual next step is to file a complaint with the company's human resource department. If the correct procedures and policies are in place, the human resource department will investigate the claim, interrogate anyone involved in the situation, and administer disciplinary action as needed. The following actions or incidents are considered sexual harassment:

  • Any unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct that is sexual in nature
  • Communication, drawings, or pictures depicting sexual material
  • Non-verbal signals or derogatory gestures
  • Physically threatening or inappropriate touching

Workplace harassment can get more serious, when the human resource department files charges with local authorities. Harassment charges of this nature can involve more serious penalties, and could result in a public and complicated ordeal, including a trial, media exposure, and more.

How Do Sexual Harassment Laws Affect Me?

Every workplace should have an employee handbook that clearly states company policy, state and federal law regarding workplace harassment. When employed with a company, you will be required to accept and follow their policies regarding workplace conduct in addition to following the law.

Penalties can vary in the workplace as every employer handles workplace harassment differently. The severities of the charge and the circumstances also have an effect on the punishment given.

  • Minimal charges can include:
  • A verbal or written warning
  • A remedial class or course on the definition and behaviors that constitute sexual harassment
  • A brief suspension of employment

Severe penalties may include the following:

  • Job termination
  • Criminal charges reported
  • Fines and court fees imposed
  • Jail time

What Constitutes as a Hostile Work Environment?

When an employee or even an employer feels threatened, they may consider their workplace hostile. When the sexual harassment claims are directed towards you, it is essential that you know your rights. Sexual harassment charges get complicated with both sides pointing blame. The first and foremost fact about sexual harassment is that the harasser's conduct must be unwelcome and clearly documented as such. If the victim does nothing about the actions, or participates willingly in the actions the case against the intended harasser weakens considerably.

Can a NH Sexual Harassment Lawyer Do Anything for Me?

If you have been charged with workplace harassment you should have proper legal representation. A sexual harassment crime on your record could result in job loss, prevent you from getting a job in the future, and severely hinder your quality of life. NH sexual harassment lawyer, Ryan Russman understands the specifics of workplace harassment law and the rights of each party. He knows how to investigate delicate matters, keeping information confidential. You can trust Russman Law, because attorney Russman handles all cases discreetly. His legal experience can mean the difference between a dropped charge and years' worth of penalties. Talk to him for free today at 677-772-3433.

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