Benefits of Hiring a New Hampshire DWI Attorney

Posted by Ryan Russman | Oct 28, 2013 | 1 Comment

No matter how much work you and your attorney put into your case, and no matter how solid your defense may be, you may still be found guilty.

Particularly in our culture right now, there is no other crime that is more disparaged both in the media and in the courtroom.

No matter how much preparation you are doing to present an impeccable defense, you need to also be prepared for the possibility of a guilty verdict.

Your attorney will not make you any promises or lead you to believe that your acquittal is guaranteed.

By the time you come to trial, you should have your affairs in order and be prepared for the possibility that you will be going to jail (if it is an aggravated DWI) and/or facing fines, license suspensions, and a criminal record.

You should work to ensure that your family is minimally impacted financially and emotionally.

You should talk to your boss at work to determine what his or her expectations are and whether or not you will be able to keep your position.

If you are going to appeal the verdict, it is possible to get your sentencing postponed until after the appeal, especially in misdemeanor cases, although there is generally no stay (delay of imposing) the license suspension.

You would be required to post an appeal bond to postpone the sentencing.  Prepare, however, for the “worst-case” scenario by preparing your spouse, children and parents.

Most importantly, mentally prepare yourself to accept whatever happens with calmness and dignity.

NH DWI Lawyer with Specialized Training and Expertise

If your DWI attorney is experienced, professional and polished, his performance in the courtroom may seem effortless.

Unless you have the chance to see a not-so-polished attorney at work, you may not realize the benefit you have, but the years of experience, training, and relationship building that your attorney has done pay off.

Perhaps it is the officer who pushes the prosecutor to accept a deal because he knows your attorney can tear him apart on cross-examination.

Perhaps it is the judge who knows from years of experience that your attorney presents solid, well-researched motions.

Either way, the years your New Hampshire attorney has spent developing his law practice directly benefit you and your case.

Be Realistic During Your Drunk Driving Defense Case

DWI attorneys are not magicians.

They cannot magically erase evidence nor can they make the events that precipitated your arrest go away.

What they can do is bring your case out in the best light possible, and exclude and discredit as much evidence as possible.

It is up to you to recognize that your case may have certain problems, and to realize that your flexibility will be one of the keys to a successful outcome.

You must understand that the court system is set up in such a way that the defense attorney does not control everything.

Your attorney cannot control the timing on certain hearings, nor can he or she control what order your case is heard.

In addition, only you know how much you can afford to fight, how realistic it is that you will be able to completely beat the charges.

If your attorney goes over everything with you and determines that you might be further ahead to plea bargain, it is worth listening to his or her reasoning.

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Thank you for this post Attorney Russman, I got your point, at the very beginning one should know their limits in drinking. It is not an excuse that you are intoxicated or drunk for you to cause havoc anywhere. You should know your limits for you not to cause any unfortunate events.

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