Pulled over for a DWI in New Hampshire (part two)

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If you refuse to submit to physical tests, the officer will take your license, inform you of your Miranda rights and begin booking you.  Under Miranda, you do not have to answer questions that may incriminate you, but the officer will require some information such as your height, weight, and eye color.

If you previously refused to take physical tests to determine your alcohol level, the officer can obtain a warrant and under the protection of law, obtain chemical, blood, urine or breath results to be used against you in court.

As soon as you are able, you should call your attorney. You should not talk about your arrest with anyone, including family, friends, or cell mates. Only speak with your attorney. While you are waiting for your attorney, remain courteous to law officials. Even though you will probably be scared, nervous and agitated, try to remain calm and follow directions.

As soon as you are able, post bail and go home. By the time you are able to post bail, the police have already gathered as much information from you that they can use. You need to rest up and begin your defense.

If you haven't spoken to your attorney yet, do so as soon as possible.  Tell your attorney everything that relates to the case and answer every question with complete honesty. You will need to share all details leading up to and following your arrest.

Your attorney will begin gathering evidence for your defense. He will visit the scene, conduct interviews, gather reports and information from the police, and investigate all allegations thoroughly. If at any time you remember a forgotten detail, tell your attorney as soon as possible.

Getting a DWI in NH is a serious offense with serious consequences. Hiring an experienced DWI attorney, and being an active participant in your defense is of the utmost importance.

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