College Safe Ride Programs Prevent Drinking and Driving

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College students drink. Each year the Top 10 Party Universities list is released, and parents groan at the thought of their child drinking and getting behind the wheel. Fortunately, many universities have campus-sponsored transportation systems to decrease the likelihood of students driving while intoxicated.

While no university promotes reckless drinking, they all understand students are often faced with unsafe situations when involved in weekend festivities. A proactive approach is a form of the “safe ride” program, paid alongside tuition within the laundry list of student fees. You pay for them and these are lifesaving services worth being aware of and using.

Fortunately for New Hampshire residents, the University of NH in Durham offers a similar safe ride program. As a safe back-up plain, the UNH Safe Ride website states the program is “for UNH students who drove their car to a social gathering/event and need a sober ride home.” The program won't drive you to the bar, but it will get you home safely if walking is not an option. In this instance, a parking ticket is much more preferable than a DWI.

Large schools such as the University of Texas at Austin have partnered with Capital Metro transportation to offer shuttle routes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday evenings. These bus routes travel to and from major entertainment localities throughout Austin, providing students safe, free transportation to and from bars and music venues. If you're been unable to locate these services, check with your university's health and wellness department.

Each school has a different means for providing safe, free transportation to students who have been drinking. If you are a student, it's worth the time to acquaint yourself with the services at your university. Parents are also encouraged to explore these services and reach out to their children to educate them about the risks of drinking and driving.

Keep in mind this is not a personal taxi service, but a valuable alternative when you may be in a tight situation. Drinking and driving should never be an option.

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