Too Drunk to Drive? Tweet a friend!

Posted by Ryan Russman | Oct 28, 2013 | 0 Comments

If you've had too much to drink, you should not drive. Unfortunately, many people do anyway, thinking they will be stranded if they don't take matters into their own hands. But in today's increasingly connected world, there should never be an excuse to drink and drive.

One great option for seeking help if you need a designated driver is the micro-blogging tool, Twitter. If you're going out and have a tendency to get into risky situations with alcohol, post an update before you leave asking friends to give you a call later. You may not remember to call when you need a ride, but your post will remain up all night, and a good friend will check up on you.

Designated driver services exist nationwide. There may be a local branch which offers free rides home for those in need of a lift. Designated Drivers of Buffalo New York, for instance, has a Twitter account advising residents to call rather then get behind the wheel.

You can also use Twitter when you”re at the bar. If you don't have someone's number but know they use Twitter, sending them a direct message or an @reply will go directly to their Twitter account.

Finally, Twitter allow optional device updates. These updates can be sent to your cell phone, and you may choose to receive updates from all or select users whom you follow. Try setting up a “buddy system” with another friend on Twitter. Whenever you update, your tweet will be sent directly to their phone. You may not be able to call, or they may not be able to talk, but the message will still get through if you make sure to receive device updates from one another.

Tweets can be sent from any mobile device with text messaging capabilities. With today's communication technologies there can always be someone there when you need a ride.

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