What You Should Do if the Insurance Company Offers a Quick Personal Injury Settlement

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If you are injured by the negligent or intentional wrongdoing of another individual or company, it is likely that the at-fault party will have some kind of liability insurance. Since the insurance company will be the party paying the damages, you will have to face the insurer and their lawyers.

Insurance companies are often criticized on T.V. and in movies, and for good reason, after years of happily accepting premiums, insurance companies are all too eager to offer quick settlements to personal injury victims. The insurance company, and their team of lawyers, is likely hoping that the injured party will agree to a settlement far below what is deserved without speaking with an attorney first.

Speak to an Attorney First

At first, a quick settlement may seem like a good idea. You get money to pay for medical bills and maybe a few extra dollars to go towards lost income or that desperately needed vacation. The insurance company will tell you how, by taking the quick settlement you will avoid the hassle of going to court and you will not end up having to pay a percentage of the compensation to an attorney.

The Need for a NH Personal Injury Attorney

First, let me say that, the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits never go to trial. The insurance company does not want to go to trial; they are just using the expense, stress, and time of a possible trial to intimidate you into accepting their first offer. As soon as you hire an attorney, you are essentially telling the insurance company that you are willing to go to trial, even though only between 5-10% of cases actually end up in court. The insurance company might come back with a higher offer solely based on your having hired an attorney.

Secondly, while it is true that hiring an attorney will end up lessening your eventual monetary award, an attorney will usually increase the amount you receive, making up for and possibly exceeding the difference. In addition to getting the compensation you deserve, an attorney can provide guidance and reduce some of the stress of what is already a difficult time in your life.

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